Wagner Nicolas biography - blockchain developer


I am a self-taught developer who has worked as Freelance since 2014 for different startups and corporates (Tradelab, Novactive, Air France, SNCF...). Beginning in June 2016, I was interested in blockchain technology. The transparent and disintermediate dimension of this blockchain protocol convinced him that it would be the next technology that would disrupt technology and society, just as the internet did in the 1990s. To improve my development skils and to experiment the entrepreneuship mindset I participated some hackatons and I won some (2nd BeMyApp, 2nd Startup weekend blockchain, 1st prize at Merkle Week with Dether) and organised some blockchain meetup. In 2017, I co-funded Kleros, the first decentralized court who the juror are crowdsourced to solve any kind of disputes (insurance, moderation...). It was a big challenge technically and humanly. In 2019, I left the project and go back freelancing but specialized in blockchain and continue some side project like Recover.

About the projects I particularly want to be part:

  • open source source and if possible transparency project,
  • project focus on the real economy (DeFi is necessary but projects linked directly with the real economy as well...),
  • project where we pushed the decentralization as as much as possible.

Finally, here is my general vision about the blockchain, we are going to respond to the major challenges of the blockchain, such as:

  • scalability,
  • onboarding and the experience of (new) users,
  • governance of the protocol and decentralized applications,
  • and the security of smart contracts,

to make the blockchain the new generation of the internet.